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The Customer Request Tracking System helps a customer service representative(CSR) to handle customers online requests by getting Email notifications as soon as the customer submittes or updates his online submission form.  The customer also gets an Email notification when a CSR responds to the customer's online submission form.

  • Color Codes to easily spot pending, updated and closed requests.
  • Email Notifications on Customer Submission and updates to Customer Service Representative(CSR).
  • Email Notifications on Customer Services Representative updates to Customer.
  • Sort option by request submitted, status of ticket, CSR and customer name.
  • Many Templates available to choose for your business requirements, like Online Shopping, Travel Agence, Software Product Support and many more..


The Customer Request Tracking System (CRTS) came to be where it is now after a friend had requested me to build him a tool where he can keep track all of his customers requests and responses in one central location. He had touble keeping track of all the replied to emails. He wanted something similar to the Outlook email "Reply To" format, where he and the customer kept on replying to each other on the same subject. Keeping this in mind I had to design this "Reply To" format but some additional features as mentioned above.


Mailing Lists

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, then please send them to the Yahoo Mailing List for CRTS. I have all the calander events and track of the whole software at this group, like when what feature is going to be addes and all that noise data.


The software is available for download:

Version 1.1 of CRTSystem in zip format
Version 1.2 of CRTSystem in zip format

The software also can be downloaded from the sourceforge web site below

Future features, directions

Customer Request Tracking System has been running successfully on some major business websites related to customer support and has been stabilized in its 1.2 version of the software. I am thinking of adding other features and release another product stream with major features as listed below:

  • Add Master/Slave Synchronization features for Multi Server Support.
  • Allow users to upload files with user restricted access to those files.
  • Allow the CSR to email the whole ticket particulars to someone.
  • Add Statistical reports on CRTS for better customer support.

ADDon Software

Software that can be used to help you search all your requests is being planned to be created as Add On software to the CRTS software:

  • Web Knowledge Base :- Provides you to search the CRTS database and upload files related to the searched query.

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